Chainring Factory Five Lattice

Factory 5’s F5 Lattice chainring has exploded in popularity. The Lattice is sturdy and light, CNC machined from a single piece of 7075 aluminum. Factory 5 has done itself proud, weighing in at 78g and meticulously designed.

The lifetime guarantee is one feature that ensures the chainring’s quality. If a company offers a lifetime guarantee, I believe it demonstrates a strong belief in the quality of its product.

I’ve been riding with a Lattice chainring on my track bike for the past month and am quite impressed; it’s incredibly rigid, and no one can deny that it’s one of the most attractive rings on the market.

The two plain cutouts are stunning; this technologically advanced piece of equipment is practical and beautiful. Yes, I am a nerd who considers a chainring beautiful and a work of art!

This ring fits all modern track cranks and is available in 47, 48, and 49T sizes with a standard 144BCD pattern. The holidays are approaching, and this is something that should be on everyone’s wish list!

These Yoshimura Chilao MTB Pedals are a must-have for me.

By nature, I’m a collector of commodities. When I find a pair of pants, a backpack, shorts, or even shoes that I adore, I usually buy a “backup” or secondary set to keep. This can get pricey at times, especially when it comes to bike parts, but my hoarding has increased with the uncertainty of the current pandemic-related supply chain shortfall. Take these Yoshimura Chilao Pedals, for example. I got a set when we initially blogged about them in 2020 for a couple of reasons…

The first is the name, which is based on one of my favorites – if not the favorite – SoCal MTB trail systems, Chilao. Second, I pledge my unwavering support for American manufacturing. The supply chain shortfall has demonstrated that our reliance on China to manufacture all of our goods can leave us susceptible when something like an 18-month pandemic strikes. I’d say the latter is a topic for another discussion, but my major consumerism model is to buy items created in the place where they were designed. This operates as a consumerist filter. If I enjoy something, it’ll usually be the determining element in whether or not I buy it.

Pedals are basic, but when discussing them with connoisseurs, they get more sophisticated. Wider platforms are preferred by certain bikers, whereas others prefer thicker pedals. Some people choose larger, dagger-like pins, while others file down the stock pins. The “Large” design’s measurements of 110mm (long) x 107.25mm (wide) fit my feet perfectly, avoiding slicing into off-camber, bench-cut tracks. This is due to their size, and the in-board position of the platform on the spindle places the pedals quite near the crankarm.