Red Hook Crit Barcelona

I have always considered myself to be pretty lucky, life for me is rad; I get to ride bikes a lot and hang out with rad people and travel the world racing with my wife. But it seems my luck is limited when it comes to the Red Hook Series, I have narrowly avoided numerous crashes in every event for as long as IO can remember. The standard is so high that the slightest mistake can really screw me over, I am just not as strong as some of the other competitors.

To race in the main event you need to qualify in the top 18 which is no easy feat in itself, if you qualify from 19 – 32 then you make it in to the last chance race, with the possibility of going through to the finals. But for this to happen I really need a hassle free run. Well, Barcelona was not the place for that, I managed to get taken out by other riders three times in my qualification. I know everyone pushes it in races but I think you really need to look at the way you ride and race if you are literally crashing in every race you participate in.

I managed to complete one lap before the first crash, frustratingly I had quite a good start (I never have a good start). I started around 26th in a very tough group, but the pace was actually nice…the stronger riders controlled the race to begin with so even after my first crash I managed to work my way back up through the field. Though as I was about to make contact someone lost it on the same corner and I have to steer around him, unfortunately the only option was the hay bail and barriers. I straightened my bars and began my chase again.

This time the filed had increased the pace so it was hard to make up some ground, I began passing riders…the same riders I had passed moments ago. I was making good ground but then surprise, surprise someone went down in front of me and I had not chance to avoid him so I just got ready for impact. Somehow I came away unscathed, as you can see from the photo below it looked pretty grim for me.

Unfortunately that was the end of my race, I chased again and overtook the same faces but I was too far back and was not going to be able to make it back on. I was pretty bummed out about another failed attempt but the awesome thing about the Red Hook Crit is the amazing people that are just stoked on everything so it’s hard to stay annoyed for long.

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