Where have I been?

Dave Noakes fixed gear State Bicycle coHello there, I haven’t posted here for a while…well actually I think around a year! I haven’t written anything in a while because in all honesty I couldn’t really be bothered. My time is filled with work, freelance work and lots of cycling so when I get a moment to spare then I tend to like relaxing and just not doing anything.

Although I must admit I enjoy having everything here in one place, it motivates me to keep working hard and to push myself more. 2016 was a tough year and not one I am particularly stoked about, there were definitely some amazing bits but the year was not without it’s downs. But it is a new year and I have decided I want to race as much as possible but to also keep some time for fun rides.

I have just signed up and paid for the entire Red Hook Crit season, the race has a crazy high standard and this year a new qualifying format will keep competitors guessing. It seems more and more ex pro’s are targeting the RHC and in all honesty I think it is good and bad alike. Good because I love how much the race has progressed, bad because it was already hard enough.

I have missed feelings about pros/ex pros, nat champions racing what is essentially an amateur race. Part of the appeal is the mixed bag of athletes competing against each other…this is unique to the RHC. But I am left asking is it going too far…what happens when the pros out number the amateurs? Either way I am in at the deep end this year and I can’t wait for it!

This year I am riding for a London based team, the North London Thundercats Black Metal Bicycle Club (NLTCBMBC), I am still representing State as an ambassador but it is great to be involved in such an active UK based team.

That’s it for today, I promise I will post more regularly, thank you to everyone that still reads this!


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