Review: Oxeego Socks

Who’d of thought that socks could be so divisive, it seems everyone has a view of what’s right or wrong and they are quick to loudly voice their opinions. Long, short, white, black, or shock horror no socks at all!
Oxeego sock review dave noakes
Whatever your preference Oxeego have the perfect socks for you. Catering for both runners and cyclists they have a huge selection in numerous styles, lengths and colours. Since getting my first pair nearly two years ago I have not wanted to wear anything else and only recently have they started to show signs of wear. They are extremely well made and certainly stood the test of time.


Oxeego sock review dave noakes
The reinforced toe and heel provide a comfortable and hard wearing feel and cleverly they provide both warmth and ventilation. I use they daily on my commute, for training and racing and probably most importantly they look awesome. There are a lot of styles to choose from my personal favourites are the Urban. They are the perfect length and as I always wear white shoes so my socks must be black.

A lot of brands produce a range of clothing that includes socks but Oxeego are a sock specialist and with that in mind you can’t really go wrong when choosing them to adorn you feet. It is definitely worth checking out Oxeego’s range they even do compression socks for after exercise. Thanks Oxeego for keeping my feet snug and looking awesome.


Oxeego sock review dave noakes

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