Review: Pure Fix Keirin Pro

What’s the best fixed gear frame? What’s the cheapest decent fixed gear frame? These are a couple of the most common questions I am asked.  There is so much choice that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, you are only limited by the depth of your wallet.

A few months ago the nice folks at Pure Fix sent me over a Keirin Pro to try out. The Keirin Pro is Pure Fix’s flagship steed, the frameset retailing at €399. Made from triple butted 6061 Aluminium and equipped with an aluminium fork and a fresh colourway for 2015, the Keirin Pro is looking good.

Granite Way photos-8

There are a number of 6061 framesets available so what makes the Keirin stand out? Well firstly it is the bold graphics, sure they don’t make the bike ride nice, but it certainly looks the part. The large aero downtube helps to increase rigidity, and the hydro-formed top tube and seat tube give it a unique aesthetic.

I really like its simplicity, I know a few bike snobs that would look down their noses at new brands such as Pure Fix, though all I care about is how the bike rides and whether or not I have fun riding it. I had quite a mixed feedback from people, the majority really dug the colourway.

So how does the Keirin Pro ride? Well to be honest it’s a lot better than I expected. I didn’t really have the highest expectations and I was pleasantly surprised by what the Keirin Pro had to offer. I have been riding a heap of bikes lately and switching between them regularly really highlights their differences. One thing that the Keirin definitely provided was smiles!

Granite Way photos-9

I did think the full aluminium fork would make the ride slightly uncomfortable though to be honest it felt fine and the ride wasn’t too bumpy. The geo of the frame is what I would called ‘middle of the road’, it is that nice balance between track and street; this creates a very responsive ride without overlap.

Brands like Pure Fix have a long way to go before they reach the heights of Cinelli, but they have come an incredibly long way since their birth and their ranges are improving at an exponential rate. The Keirin Pro is a fun machine, I really enjoyed blasting around on it. It is tough enough to take the abuse of street riding and a quick bar change is all it takes to be ready for the track. My only quibble is that these framesets cost $325 and €399 which is a bit of a difference.

Granite Way photos-3

In a world where everyone and their nan seem to be starting a fixed gear bike brand, or adding to a fixie to their range; it’s nice to see the occasional gem.  Pure Fix are heading down the right path with the Keirin range and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future. The Keirin Pro is a tough and it is enjoyable to ride, it looks good, rides well and isn’t going to break the bank.




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