#localknowledge at Triscombe

I spend far too much time on social media, though it does occasionally have some really good uses. I follow a bunch of people, some I have met; others I have not. It could be seen as strange that I follow people that I have never met, but I like to see what people are up to and if you are up to some cool shit then the chances are I follow you.

wide open fox europe triscombe-4

The guys at Wideopen Mag and Fox Head Europe got together and put on a day of free uplifts and a BBQ at Triscombe. There were only a limited number of places and I am pleased to say I was quick enough to sign up and get a spot. The #localknowledge day was a chance for the teams from Wideopen and Fox Head to meet some local riders, customers and readers and spend the day having fun in the woods.

wide open fox europe triscombe-3

I have been reading Wideopen Mag for quite sometime, I have a huge amount of respect for people who set up independent magazines as I know just how much work goes into them! I follow Jamie from the mag on social media though have never actually met him in person, it was good to finally meet him and a few others in real life. I remember trying to explain social media to my parents to no avail, they think it all sounds weird; but to be fair I was heading out to the woods to meet a bunch of people I have only spoken to on the internet…sounds like the start of a dodgy horror film.

wide open fox europe triscombe-2

Luckily I was not meeting serial killers it was fellow mountain bikers so it was guaranteed to be a good day. The day was made better as the Wideopen and Fox Head guys had teamed up to the Triscombe Uplifts and were providing a free uplift service for the day! They didn’t stop there was also a free BBQ that churned out an endless mountain of meaty goodness to keep our bellies full and legs pedalling.

wide open fox europe triscombe-1


I knew it was going to be a great day, I had never ridden Triscombe before but I had heard plenty of great things about it. It certainly did not disappoint, the woods is filled with a plethora of twisty and rooty trials with enough to satisfy and challenge the needs of any rider. It was a classic wet British day but the trails were running well, the wet roots kept everyone on their toes and me on my arse on a couple of occasions.

wide open fox europe triscombe-7-2

It was such a great day out, and whoever came up with the idea needs a pat on the back, what more would anyone want from a day? Good trails, nice people, BBQ and a free uplift and getting to watch Kye Forte and Joel Anderson send it over some mental canyon gap at the end of the day! Thanks to Wideopen Mag and Fox Head Europe for such a awesome day!

wide open fox europe triscombe-9

wide open fox europe triscombe-5-2


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