Review: Luck Invictus

I have to say this straight off the bat; these Luck shoes are something special! When I was offered the chance to make my custom design a reality I obviously jumped at the opportunity. Luck have a bunch of great looking shoes but it is the Invictus that is their customisable model. The Invictus’ are at the top end of the scale of cycle shoes, retailing at €299 they are by no means cheap, so I was keen to see how they held up to some rugged everyday use.

Luck Invictus-1

As you would expect from a shoe of this price they ARE laden with a heap of techy features, the dual structure carbon sole ensure all your power is put into pedalling. Something I found particularly effective was the Air Sole Stream, which put simply is a well ventilated sole. It works a treat on hot days and provides a fresh breeze, although it can be slightly cold on a winters day; I tested this in the most extreme conditions in the Alps and only really noticed a chill on long descents.

Luck Invictus-4

The upper of the shoes are manufactured entirely from high density micro-fibres and the On Steam interior lining is 100% breathable. It is clear that these shoes are most at home on a warm day, the venting and breathability is some of the best I have experienced. The Invictus’ are perforated all over and whilst it does an awesome job off keeping your feet cool it doesn’t really let in too much water when riding in the rain.

The closure system is a dual knob ATOP Lacing System, and a velcro fastening strap. Like the BOA system the ATOP is a ratchet that tightens a wire giving you a lot of fine adjustment and also making the shoes incredibly easy to get on and off. It differs to the BOA system on release, it is very simple; turn it clockwise to tighten and anti clockwise to loosen. I do think that the wire on the top fastener is very close to the top of the tongue of the shoe and I had to be precise when putting the shoe on otherwise it can be slightly uncomfortable if you don’t get it right.

Luck Invictus-5

The Invictus has a new back end which has been specifically designed to provide more support, which is apparent when getting out of the saddle to sprint or on climbs. The ergonomics of the shoe are spot on, and even after a really long day in the saddle I would return home with feet that felt as fresh as when I first went out.

Luck Invictus-6

These shoes have been thoroughly put to work over the past few months and amazingly they still look really fresh and new. The shiny white exterior is easy to wipe clean after wet and dirty rides keeping the shoes looking brand spanking new. My white shoes often end up looking a bit sad after a few months though the Luck Invictus’ are still gleaming and drawing lots of attention. The customisation option is a great feature and I really like having a unique pair of shoes, I know Luck are not the first to do this but they are certainly doing it well and raising the standard.

I would say the Luck Invictus’ are worth every penny, the quality of these shoes is reflected in the price. The turn around time for a custom model is quick and is something I would definitely do again. If you are in the market for a new road or MTB shoe the Luck Shoes are definitely worth checking out. I must say a massive thanks to Luck for the custom shoes, I wasn’t sent them for review I was simply sent them to use; after a lot and questions from readers I decided to write this to let everyone know that their quality definitely compliments their looks!

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