Review: Zéfal Deflector Lite and FM20

The nice folks at Zéfal sent over a couple of mudguards to for review, the Deflector Lite and the Deflector FM20. They arrived just in time for the rain and were instantly put to good use. Both of the mudguards are extremely easy and quick to fit, there is no fiddling around it is simply a matter of using the cable ties or velcro straps provided. Both mudguards will work with 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ wheels. .

The Deflector Lite is made from Polypropylene and weighs in at a tiny 28g. 5 zip ties hold it firmly in place, it has refused to move even in the harshest conditions and a  big crash. It is very discrete and I really like the minimalist look of it,a nice feature is that it can be used as either a front or rear guard.  I suppose the most important question is; does it work? The short answer is an definite yes!

zefal deflector lite -3

When riding in wet conditions mud always flicks up onto my face, in eyes, or all over my goggles which quickly reduces visibility and fun. I went out in some pretty awful conditions without the mudguard fitted, I could not even make it a few hundred meters without having to wipe my goggles; I know you shouldn’t wipe them as they scratch but sometimes you just have to. After a a very quick installation the Deflector Lite was ready to rock, and it certainly made a huge difference. Whilst it did not stop all the dirt flying it worked well enough to enable me to complete a run without the need to wipe my goggles mid descent.

The Deflector FM20 is more rigid than the Deflector Lite, its technopolymer resin construction gives it a nice sturdy feel. It was developed with professional riders, and can be used for DH, Enduro or XC. Attached easily to you fork using either 7 cable ties or 4 velcro straps. The four velcro straps keep it secure in even the most extreme conditions. You can also customise it with the 3 available stickers.

zefal deflector fm20 -2

The Deflector FM20 gives more coverable the the Lite version as it extends over the front of the tyre, it is really effective when riding in sloppy wet conditions and does a great job deflecting mud and water away from your face. The photo above shows the FM20 fitted to a Fox fork, 27.5″ rim and 2.3″ tyre and there is still enough room for a larger tyre or a nice thick layer of mud.

I have spent far to long faffing around with mud guards on my road bike, trying to get them close to the tyre without rubbing and having to slightly bend or modify the arms to get them to fit different frames. I really like how easy the Deflectors were to fit and how the Lite can be used as a front or rear guard.

I would like to be using the FM20 up the front and the Lite on the rear, though Juliet has thwarted that idea and the FM20 has been on her bike for the past few weeks, she thinks its great so I guess I’m heading out to buy myself one. The Deflector Lite and the Deflector FM20 are both very useful, well designed, simplistic and effective and are definitely worth checking out.


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