Granite Way Cycle Trail

The sun is still out here in the UK so I have been making the most of it. In my previous post mentioned a nice cycle path to Exmouth and keeping with that theme I went out in explored another of my favourite cycle trails in Devon. I stumbled across the Granite Way a few weeks ago, the weather was awful and I had already been riding for a few hours. It was a welcome break from the hills I have been battling for the past few hours.

Granite Way cycle trail 2

Oh how things change with a bit of sunshine! I thought the route was nice in the worst weather, so knew I would have to explore when the sun was out. The Granite Way runs from Lydford to Okehampton in North Devon, it is around 9 miles in length and whilst this is a bit on the short side it is one of the most scenic rides I have done to date. There are a heap of cycle routes all over Devon, and I have decided to explore and document them all.

Granite Way cycle trail 1

The Granite Way is pretty much dead flat and the views from the Meldon and Lake Viaducts are stunning and give you a true view and experience of the English countryside. The cycle path is part of the Cycle Network Route 27 that runs from the south coast to the north, it is also a ride I will be doing in a few weeks, so stay tuned for more on that.

Granite Way cycle trail 4

I don’t often stop to take in the sights when riding, I tend to just enjoy the view from my bike. This is a route that will make you want to stop for moment to take in the sites especially if the sun is out. Whilst Devon does not have the busiest roads it’s always nice to explore on cycle specific paths. So if you are planning a route or thinking of riding in Devon this is a must, whether you’re a serious cyclist or just out for a plod with the family. Check out Cycle Devon for details on this trail and many more.

Granite Way cycle trail 3

Thank you Juliet Elliott for the photos.


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