Life’s a beach

The Easter weekend has been and gone and boy was it a good one. It is no secret that the weather in the UK is rubbish and it rains a lot, but that’s just the way it is here and I love it anyway. One thing I definitely appreciate is good weather, we were graced with a few rays of sunshine and decided to make the most of it.

Exmouth cycle path dave and juliet

What’s better than a trip to the English seaside? Juliet has been ill for the past 2 weeks, so hasn’t been able to ride at all, she was finally feeling slightly better so I decided we should go out on a chilled ride. This is easier said than done in Devon as there is not a flat road within 20 miles of us, so we did a strange thing and packed our track bikes into the car and drove to Exeter. There is a really nice flat cycle path that follows the shoreline to Exmouth, it is the perfect route for someone getting over sickness.

It was great just to go out for a chilled plod, no training, no sprints and no long steep climbs. If you ever go for a ride in Devon it is a route I would definitely recommend, the views are stunning and there are not many places you can ride here that are flat and traffic free.

Exmouth cycle path Juliet Elliott

Moaning about the weather seems to be a very British past time, I do find it slightly odd as it is no surprise the weather has always been rubbish. The best thing to do is embrace it and enjoy the day in the rain, shine, snow or hail, I just love being outdoors on my bike. People often ask us, why we moved back from the gorgeous Lake Como in Italy? To be honest a simple answer is we prefer Devon, it has everything we want and more. Ok, the weather isn’t as predictable and it doesn’t get as hot in the summer but to me it’s perfect and I love it and when you get days like yesterday it all makes sense.

exmouth beach fixed gear

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