Time is of the essence

There is never enough time, I think this is a common problem all over the world. How am I meant to partake in all the things I have planned in the sparse amount of free time I have? Adult life is filled with things that are not that fun but just have to be done and these things take time; working, cleaning, food shopping, paying bills, sorting out car tax, invoicing the list is endless so where is riding meant to fit in to this?


I try to ride everyday, even if it’s only a quick ride in the morning, lunch or late at night, though a problem I am often faced with is what bike to ride…first world problems! I enjoy riding all kinds of bikes but it is difficult to choose on a day to day basis, in the back of my mind I am aware that I should probably ride road or fixed gear as I am going to race some crits and would like to be at my peak fitness.

This said what usually happens is; my wife and I discuss what bikes we are going to ride with some confusion and indecisiveness. We are both very much in the same state of mind about this, though rather than be swayed by what we should do for maximum fitness we let what is more fun be the decision maker. Yes, if I went to the local cycle track (the only piece of flat ground in Devon) with my track bike and rode laps it would benefit me when racing in a fixed gear crits, or a ride filled with intervals and tempo training, but sometimes I just want to ride my BMX or MTB and have fun.


I suppose this is what makes champions, having the ability to train hard day in day out whether you want to or not. I am content with the fact that I won’t be a champion racer, I do go out on training rides and I do push myself though I am aware that I am not putting 100% in. I know a number of people that race in their retrospective disciplines and they all train incredibly hard, there is a common ethos among them which is: if they have trained as hard as they can and pushed to the max they are happy with their performance whatever the outcome as they know they could not have done any more to prepare.

To be honest there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do everything I want, let alone train for a specific event. Whilst riding everyday definitely helps I know that I need to do more targeted training; going and riding trails on my MTB when I should be doing an hour at zone 4 is not going to make me faster…but it is more fun! That is the most important thing to me, riding for fun, I do intend to race in track crits, road races and MTB Enduros this year and it is tricky to train for all of these disciplines. But I will continue to do what I am doing as it is what I enjoy, I might try to focus on a specific discipline at some point in the future but for now I will just do what makes me smile the most.


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