Scadson Woods Bike Park

There is no shortage of places to ride in the South West, I would actually go so far as to say that the South West is one of the best places in the UK for cycling. There is everything from road to downhill, I spend a fair amount of time writing about my road and track bike riding though I seldom write about riding mountain bikes. So this post is dedicated to just that!


Riding MTB is my newest cycling passion, and it is pretty easy for me to work out why I enjoy it so much. I like going fast, doing jumps and I like a challenge. Sometimes road riding can get a bit boring, I need something to break the monotony of endless miles and MTB does just that.

I live in a little village right in the middle of know where in South Devon, I am surrounded by hills, the moors and coastline. There is a plethora of MTB trails to ride, I have been itching to ride MTB for a while so I headed out to Scadson Woods to session the trails there.

Scadson mtb trails met parachute 1

Scadson isn’t the biggest place to ride and it currently consists of 3/4 trails that are roughly a minute in length if you have a good pace on. There is a short steep push up back to the top which isn’t too bad, I think I prefer steep push ups to long mellow rides back to the top. For me it’s all about the down, so the quicker I can get up to the top the better; I spend enough time slogging up hills on my road bike.

The trails are all fun, none of them require a full DH rig, I have actually ridden them on my 29er and whilst it was bumpy it was certainly manageable. I have only been a few times but each time I go I try to improve my skills and better my times. I am no Atherton but I enjoy pushing myself and was chuffed to finally grab a joint KOM on one of the trails.

Scadson mtb trails met parachute

Track 1 – Begins with a couple of tight berms, a north shore table, small rock garden then into fast and flowing berms with a couple of small tables and drop offs; everything is rollable.

Track 2 – This is the most neglected of the trails, though is still ridable. Plenty of fun berms, small gap jump, and some drop offs that are not really rollable, but you can ride around most obstacles. Great little run, and whilst it isn’t running as well as the others it is still one of my favourites.

Track 3 – This is my favourite run, gaps, drops, tables and fast berms all make this the most fun you can have on a bike in 41 seconds. Whilst it is a short run it is awesome and I love it, I actually rode it about 15 times last time i went. All the gaps and drops are either rollable or avoidable.

Track 4 or 3.5 – Splits off of track 3, it is still not completely finished but it is looking like it will be fun.

Below is a map of where the trails are here is an address for you smart devices; Cockington Road, Paignton, TQ3 1RN, now go ride have fun and enjoy!

Scadson mtb trails location

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