Review: Giro Air Attack Shield

Giro Air Attack‘s are everywhere I look, I see them daily wether it’s when I am out on a ride or on social media. The Air Attack available in two versions the difference being the detachable shield, I have been testing out the appropriately named Air Attack Shield.


I’ll get straight to the point; I have always been unsure about the styling of the helmet and I still don’t really know if I like the way it looks. I know an equal number of people that both agree and disagree with me on this point. But I do think that the Air Attack looks pretty bad ass with the visor on.

I have used this helmet a fair bit on the Velodrome and whilst I might not be anywhere near as fast as Sir Chris Hoy, I certainly felt the part. The Carl Zeiss lens attaches by three strong magnets, it is easy to attach and can be quickly flipped upside down when not in use. It gives crystal clear vision and also has three vents so it won’t steam up, I really like the tinted though clear lenses are also available.

.giro air attack shield review-3

A huge amount of R&D has gone into the Air Attack and this is apparent in both performance and feel. The six vents work a treat and do a great job of creating a flow of air that keeps your head cool in even the hottest conditions, this slight number of vents also does a great job of keeping your head dry in the rain.

It is by far one of the most comfortable helmets I have used, the Roc Loc Air fit system allows for fine adjustment this combined with padding really does create the perfect fit. It feels very secure without being too tight or uncomfortable, for me a good helmet is one you forget you are wearing and the Air Attack more than meets that criteria.

giro air attack shield review-1-2

Helmets like bikes are very personal things, people have different tastes and are drawn to different designs and colour ways. The Air Attack is the Marmite of the helmet world you either love it or hate it, the jury is still out on my opinion as it seems to change daily. There is no denying the Air Attack Shield is a great helmet, it’s extremely comfortable, well vented, air tunnel tested and proven to reduce drag and has a detachable lens; what more could you want? A great helmet that is at home on the boards of Velodrome, in a TT or on your local club ride.

giro air attack shield review-2

Check out for more products from Giro.

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  1. I wore one to test out for a ride and it was one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve ever worn, but I just can’t get on with the way it looks. It’s almost passable with the visor on, but without the visor it’s way too “80’s BMX skid lid” for my liking!

  2. Notanob Honest

    I have just bought one of these. Not because I, in any way, will benefit from the drag factor, but I wear glasses and the thuought of a fall and breaking them sending a shard of glass into my eye gives me shivers. For the past year I have squinted through sunny days and just about made it as my eyes filled up with tears going down hills. Now with the visor I feel a much more protected – I can see the beauty around me (no squniting) but it does make saying hello to fellow cyclists more difficult. Perhaps it would be the same with any mirrored glasses but I do think they might think I’m a knob for wearing it (I’m clearly no pro).

    Feel comfortable too and my daughters think I look like a pop star when I wear it in the house (they’re too young to know who Daft Punk are so I think thats come from some cartoon) – It does make me feel 7 pretending I’m a superhero if I’m very honest 🙂

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