Review: Dare2b Full Tuck Jacket

Christmas has been and gone and I hope you have all been working hard to burn off those mince pies. I must admit that when I look through the rain splattered window the thought of riding for a few hours is sometimes completely unappealing. Many of you would have made New Years resolutions…are you still sticking to them? I also made a few resolutions though riding wasn’t really one of them as that is something I do anyway…I am happy to say I have managed to stick to all of mine!
dare2b full tuck review 2
Right…back to riding in crap weather. I recently gave a few tips of essential items, one of the most important is a good water proof jacket. the lovely folks at Today’s Cyclist sent over a Dare2b Full Tuck jacket for me to test out. Luckily for me the weather has been perfect for this test, it’s been icy cold and really wet!
The Full Tuck is an ergonomic jacket that’s designed to keep you comfortable and dry during those wet weather rides. It is constructed from ripstop fabric which is both breathable and highly waterproof, all the seams are taped and the rear scoop/tail is a nice feature to keep the rain off you bottom if you are riding without a mudguard. It has zips on the cuffs which enable you to neatly tuck large winter gloves underneath with ease. dare2b full tuck review 3
So how does the jacket perform and feel? My first outing was in torrential rain and gale force winds, I immediately noticed how wind proof  the jacket is; there really is no way that wind or rain is getting through. The jacket is breathable, it does lack in the venting department but it performs perfectly in the cold winter elements. 
It rolls up small enough to fit in a jersey pocket, very lightweight, comfortable and I really like the design. On the whole it’s a great affordable rain coat, definitely a must have for the wet months ahead. I can’t really fault anything that enables be to keep riding in this atrocious weather, this jacket definitely get two thumbs up from me. 
dare2b full tuck review

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