Bike Park Wales is Awesome!

Wales is the home to some of the best mountain biking in the UK, one of its newest editions is Bike Park Wales. A man made trail centre that has everything, catering for every kind of mountain biker. Juliet booked the uplift months ago and we have been waiting in anticipation ever since.

You never know what the weather is doing at the moment, one day it’s bright and sunny and the next it’s pissing down with rain.  To be honest is really doesn’t matter what the weather is like when you’re at Bike Park Wales, it’s just so much fun. The skies were grey when we arrived and we could  feel the rain drawing ever closer; we knew it was going to be a mudder!

Bikes unpacked and with smiles on our faces we made our way towards the uplift. The uplift was a welcome to break from riding up hills. I’m never one to shy away from a climb but the whole point of a trail centre for me is the ride down; uplifts give you more runs and for me this equals more fun!


There are so many trails to choose from, it’s hard to squeeze them all in in a day. As we expected the rain soon started and the mud started to splatter covering everything in sight. It’s impressive how well the trails run even when they are wet, the crew have done a top job with drainage and build quality. But there was no stopping the rain and we were quickly soaked through, covered head to toe in mud.


There was no way a bit of rain and mud will ruin you’re ride at Bike Park Wales, after a few hours of riding we stopped for a quick refuel at the bike park cafe. The uplifts all stop for an hour at lunch, which is good as I probably wouldn’t have eaten if they didn’t.


Before long we we back at the summit of the trail centre, by this point we were so covered in mud it seemed to be working as an insulation layer. The weather had got so bad we could only make it a few hundred yards before our goggles were caked in misty rain and mud. This didn’t spoil the ride in the slightest, we peddled our way down the trails again and again until darkness fell. It was one of those days that was over too quickly, a great start to 2015 and it’s got me stoked for the year ahead. If you want an awesome day out on the mountain bike head over to Bike Park Wales because you really won’t be disappointed.



Riding shots by Airshotz


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