Review: Outeredge Lombardia Leg Warmer

It is sometimes the simplest things that can make our lives so much easier, it often leaves us asking the question ‘ how did I survive so long with out this?’ Leg warmers definitely fit into this category and I remember that eureka moment well. I can get quite hot when riding though I am always cold when I start; leg warmers allow you to regulate your temperature when out on the bike in comparison to full length tights.

The Outeredge Lombardia leg warmers are fleece lined and the grippers keep them firmly in place. A great feature is the zip closure, I was unsure about this to begin with as I like clean lines and felt the zips might look a bit naff. Though their functionality outweighed any doubts in my mind, it is so nice to be able to take them off without having to remove your shoes.

There isn’t really a lot one can say about leg warmers, they are essential in cold weather, they are great to modify your temperature, and if they are fleeced lined they provide warmth on these cold winter days. On first inspection I thought they looked a bit thin though since then I have ridden in minus temperatures and my legs always remained cosy and warm. The Outeredge Lombardia leg warmers definitely tick all the boxes. So if you’re looking for a bit of extra warmth this winter these leg warmers are worth checking out.



Stockist: Todays Cyclist


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