Review: Lake MX145

Winter, winter, winter…yes its cold and wet and sometimes it gets a bit depressing. I love riding my bike and whatever enables me to do this in all conditions is a winner in my mind. One thing you really need in wet weather is a pair of decent over shoes or winter riding boots.

A common problem with overshoes is; they only cover the tops of your shoes, the sole is always exposed to the elements and inevitably when riding in the rain you end up with wet feet due to the holes where your cleats screw in. An easy way to avoid this is to invest in a pair of winter cycle shoes.

For the past couple of months I have been testing out the Lake Cycling MX145‘s. They have all the features you would ever want in a winter shoe. This particular model is available in road and mountain bike versions, I opted for the MX145 mtb shoe is it had greater all round appeal to me.


I can hand on heart say I have used the MX145‘s in all conditions, if you follow my instagram then you would have seen the abuse they have taken. I have ridden rugged mtb trails, cross country, cyclocross and road with them, and all it takes is a quick wipe down and they are as good as new.

One problem I have found in the past with mountain bike shoes is that the sole can be a bit slippery on certain terrain. The Mountain Race X non-marking sole is a thing of wonder, I didn’t slip or lose my footing on any surface. Whether you are scrambling up muddy banks, roots or rocks you can have full confidence in the sole, there is also the option of adding studs to the front for ultimate traction.


The waxed canvas, leather and a waterproof membrane construction make them highly waterproof and your can submerge your foot up to the top of the first BOA retention strap without leakage. I rode for hours in these in the heaviest of rain my feet remained completely dry for the first hour, it wasn’t until well into the second that the water started to leak in.

They are not the warmest of boots though they are warmer than a road or mtb shoe and they are waterproof! If you want an extra bit of warmth and would like to pair these with a thicker winter sock then I would recommend sizing up or possibly going for the wide fit option. The BOA retention system is my current favourite, it’s adjustable to the slightest amount and the ease of both tightening and un-tightening is awesome. When your foot is covered in mud the last thing you want is a fiddly closure system, a click of each BOA and your feel will just slip out.

Having used these everyday since there arrival how could I not recommend them? I have a heap of winter gear but I keep going back to the MX145’s, they are definitely one of the best winter boots available. Lake have always produced high quality and well designed shoes the MX145 is no exception, it’s rugged, tough, waterproof and has a decent sole; they are all you will ever need for your feet this winter.


Thanks to Lake Cycling and Todays Cyclist for sending the product for review.


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