Review: Jagwire Pro Inserts Wet Compound


Brake pads are brake pads right? Wrong; as with most things cycle related there are plenty of options when it comes to brake pads. If you live in the UK then you are currently spending a large amount of time riding in the rain, one thing you might notice is just how bad it makes your brakes.

Fear not; you do not have to just deal with non existent braking for the next few months, there is a simple change you can make in order to make your braking more efficient in the wet weather. These Jagwire inserts fit both Sram and Shimano, they are a softer compound so have more bite in wet weather.

Do they work? I have noticed a tremendous difference in my stopping distance in the wet since switching to these, say good bye to pulling your brakes as tight as you can and nothing happening. The really do work, I would definitely recommend keeping both your rim and the pads clean to get the most out of them, it will also increase your rim life and prevent those horrible scraping noises.

Soft compound pads do wear faster than their hard counterparts, though there are a couple of advantages; they are more efficient in the wet and as they are softer then wear through your rim slower than the standard pads. Definitely a must have item for winter riding.


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