8Bar Berlin to Prague…a real Adventure!

The guys at 8Bar Bikes recently rode their TFLSBERG single speed CX bikes from Berlin to Prague. To make the ride more interesting they decided to complete the ride without a map, or a sat nav, all they had was a compass and the option of checking their coordinates twice a day.

They shot this really nice video of the trip, it definitely make me want to get out on an adventure. I’m also really liking the bikes dudes! Stefan has written a brilliant write up over on the 8Bar website that is definitely worth a read. The use of the word ‘adventure’ has recently gone a bit mental, it seems everyone is on an adventure nowadays.

I am not opposed to adventure though I do think that people are not using the word in the  correct context. It seems that walking to the shops or going for a short bike ride is now considered an adventure. It is great to see people actually going on a real adventure, challenging themselves and documenting it for us all to enjoy.

Check out the video, pop over to the site and read the write up of the trip, and check out the great photo set on Flickr and plan yourself a real adventure!

Video and photos by Stefan Haehnel

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