Avoiding the ice!

It has been brutally cold in the UK for the past few weeks, normally I will ride what ever the weather though the past few days it has just been too icy. Juliet and I attempted a road ride the other day and it ended in a broken mech hanger and a bruised hip. There are definitely some perks of having moved to the countryside, though we discovered a downside more recently; the lanes never get any sun the ice simply refuses to melt.

Being addicted to cycling there was only one option, crack out the all mountain bikes! I always loved riding mtb though one thing I find hard is the milage. By this I mean I spend a few hours riding and usually only cover about 10 miles. I am not too keen on cross country rides, I find them a bit boring and would much rather rack up some mileage on my cx or road bike. I prefer to ride trails on my mtb, Devon is full of awesome places to challenge yourself and improve on skills. So most of my mtb rides consist of intense downhills and quite slow push ups or the occasional climb.

Whilst I love this type of riding I often feel like I am cheating myself out of a proper workout, it is great strength training and I enjoy the variation so I suppose I should just embrace it. This is essentially a post about nothing really, just a few words to say I really enjoy riding all types of bikes. I often go through phases, I will ride road, track a lot then switch to mtb, cx or bmx then back again…I think I might have a short attention span. Whatever I am riding I am happy, it’s New Year’s Day today and I have decided to be more decisive, ad to get fitter and to finally give up smoking. Cycling should make these all easy enough! Happy New Year to you all!

DSC04882 DSC04892 DSC04903

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  1. Love the photos. Keep on riding.

  2. Jed

    Good luck with the giving up smoking !
    come & join us on a thurs night ride (Teign valley pedal bashers) see website for ride details

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