Luck Shoes – Star Wars

A month ago I wrote a post about Luck Shoes and how you can now customise them with your very own design. The model available for customisation is the Invictus, this is the high end model in their collection and has a heap of features to ensure comfort and high performance alike. I knocked up a design for the post to demonstrate what you could do.

dave starwars shoes-1-3

Shortly after I wrote the post I was contacted by Luck and asked if I wanted to make my design a reality? Obviously I leapt at the chance and after a few emails my design was finalised and the construction process began. The team at Luck were extremely helpful and it wasn’t long before I received a photo of the work in progress.

dave starwars shoes-1

I can’t lie; I was really excited to see my design slowly coming to life, it was also cool to see photos of the construction process. The weeks plodded on and I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my new shoes. Yesterday they arrived; excited does not begin to describe my feelings! Whilst the design might not be to everyone’s taste, I am a bit of a nerd and I can’t think of anything cooler than Darth Vader on a pair of shoes, and obviously a bit of text to represent this blog.

dave starwars shoes-1

I haven’t had a chance to test them yet so I can’t comment on how they perform though they certainly do look the part. I don’t usually just copy and paste things here but as I haven’t had the chance to use them I thought it would be best to let you know the details, so here is what Luck have to say about the Invictus:

Spearheading the professional LUCK series

The INVICTUS is entirely manufactured in Spain and has been designed using a selection of high quality materials. It has been introduced as the ultimate shoe since if offers the highest possibilities for adjusting to the morphologic characteristics of each customer (LUCK FITTING-SYSTEM).

  • New dual structure sole made of carbon fibre LUCK HIGH-END
  • AIR SOLE STREAM® ventilation system
  • Entirely manufactured using high density micro-fibres
  • Dual knob ATOP lacing
  • On Steam® interior lining that is 100% breathable with silver ion treatment
  • Anatomical insert with On Steam® lining that is 100% breathable with silver ion treatment
  • New back end, designed to support the ankle

And here are a few more snaps of my awesome new Star Wars shoes!!

dave starwars shoes-2 dave starwars shoes-3  dave starwars shoes-1-2


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