The Heavy Pedal Valor Kit

Everyone has heard of the Heavy Pedal; right? Well if you haven’t you deserve a slap because they make some of the most awesome frames and kits in the world. Subtlety is something they don’t do; their frames and kits are a wash of inspiring neon colours and unique designs. They have just released their latest instalment; the Valor, a kit that is based on team rider Zac Felpel’s love of Nascar.

Not a lot of Brit’s know much about Nascar, whilst it may seem boring to some; just a bunch of loud cars driving around in circles. Like a velodrome but with cars really. It is in fact something that has an amazing history stemming back to the days of the bootleggers. They participated in illegal races in modified cars that were used to smuggle booze and out run the police in the days of prohibition.

I won’t bore you with my love of this; so I will get back to the point of this post. Check out this kit because it is fucking awesome! If you wear it riding on the velodrome you might not be as fast as a Nascar but you get to ride in circles and will definitely look and feel the part. You might want to hide a jar of moonshine in your jersey pocket so you feel like you are living in the good ol’ days. Now go and check out their kits and frames!




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