State Bicycle Co – Rider Signature Series and Winter Gear

State Bicycle Co have just released a Rider Signature Series; 12 jerseys that have been designed in collaboration with team riders, one will be released each month. The first rider is Jason Clary; his kit nicely coinciding with Halloween. State are only doing a single run of each; so when these are gone…they really are gone. If you see one you like then make sure you snap it up! The first 50 purchases will also receive a free matching water bottle! There is even a subscription so you can collect them all. A set of bibs that matches all the designs are available; so you only need to worry about getting one pair of those. I must say I have heard some good reports of the bibs and their comfort, hopefully I will have a review of a pair up on the site shortly.

State have also created a very nice looking winter gear range; a waterproof jacket, vest or gilet, and a very cool looking pair of arm warmers. I haven’t tried any of these out yet but the if the quality of previous State kits are anything to go by then I expect them to be good!

State_Bicycle_Arm_Warmers_Black_2-2 State_Bicycle_Cycling_Vest_Black_1-2 State_Bicycle_Cycling_Vest_Black_2-2 State_Bicycle_Rain_Jacket_Clear_2-2State_Bicycle_Rain_Jacket_Clear_1-2  State_Bicycle_Rider_Signature_Jersey_Clary_1-2 State_Bicycle_Rider_Signature_Jersey_Clary_2-2

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