Hill climbing with Cani Sciolti Valtellina

One of the things I love most about riding bikes is the social aspect of it, I really enjoy meeting new people and exploring new routes. Juliet and I had been exchanging emails with a group of guys that live in our area who ride fixed gear bikes up and down the mountain passes; Cani Sciolti. We met up at the weekend to check explore a route for a race they are organising; the Sacro Macello.

The race is for brakeless fixed gears and consists of climbing and descending various mountain passes, it is one of the most gorgeous routes I have ever ridden. The route itself is around 40 miles though Juliet and I rode to and from our house to meet them; which added an extra 40 miles. We had an awesome day and I think it was probably the most climbing I have ever done in a day; around 10650ft or 3246m.

I really enjoy rides that push me, I am also a huge fan of climbing so this route was perfect for me. People always ask what the trick is to becoming good at climbing. Unfortunately the answer is; climb a lot. There is no secret to it in my opinion you just get better the more you do it. I seem to be living in increasingly hillier locations so I can always push myself and seem to be getting quite good at it. I can’t wait to explore some more!

We stopped for lovely and rather huge lunch as well as a couple of litres of wine, followed by Grappa. With our bellies full we had plenty of energy to finish the rest of the route. I was actually riding my road bike but can’t wait to give the route a bash on my track bike. I have a huge amount of respect for the guys from Cani Sciolti; they are seriously strong and even though they were riding fixed they weren’t far behind on the descents.

Here are a few snaps from the ride as well as a screenshot from my Strava. I have to give massive props to Juliet as she conquered a huge ride and was a real trooper! Thanks to Cani Sciolti for inviting us along; I am looking forward to the race on the 8th November. Stay tuned for a write up of that.



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