Dodici Cicli Church Burners Kit

If you know me then you’re aware that I have a soft spot for awesome kits! I think I actually own more cycle kits than I do actual clothes! Anyway; one of my favourites is the Docici Church Burners kit; it is definitely one of the kits that draws the most attention when I’m out on my bike, or if I’m feeling brave and do my shopping in it. Guess what? It is finally back in stock! This quality made in Italy kit is so comfortable, the padding is really good and I really like the race fit. They do come up small, I would usually wear a medium; it is the large that is the perfect fit for me; so keep this in mind when ordering.

I do ride for Team Dodici; though I must say if I didn’t like this kit I simply wouldn’t post about it or recommend it. That said, luckily I love the kit and the feel! It is nice to see that the guys at Dodici take as much pride in the production of their kit as they do their frames. So head over to the web store and grab one before it’s too late!


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