8bar x Ucon The ‘federleicht’ bike collaboration

I am sure everyone has already seen this, and if you haven’t then I must ask; why the hell not? Hailing from Germany 8Bar started building frames a few years ago; they now have a plethora of high quality components and an ever-growing selection of frames. They recently released a carbon rim range and I must admit they look awesome and if the build quality and attention to detail is anything like that of their frames; they must be pretty damn good!

Quite some time ago 8Bar collaborated with Ucon Acrobatics to come up with something unique, and they certainly managed to do just that! The attention to detailing is amazing, I really love these sort of projects. Fixed gear bikes look clean and simple and there is definitely something artistic about them; so why not take it further? Below there are a series of photos by Mathias von Gostomski that document the planning and paint process nicely.  There are a whole bunch of images on the 8Bar flickr that are also worth checking out. The final product shots (the ones on the black background) are by Stefan Haehnel. There is also a nice video that is worth checking out. Oh…did I mention that you should really check out 8Bar frames because they look dead good and they are always coming up with unique paint jobs, and they are a lovely bunch too.

Mathias von Gostomski Mathias von Gostomski Mathias von Gostomski By Stefan Haehnel By Stefan Haehnel


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