Stelvio Pass

I am still adjusting to Italian life and whilst I miss the little things such as peanut butter and Marmite, I am happy to embrace the weather. In the UK the weather in October is usually pretty bad, but here in Italy it is still 24 degrees Celsius. This weekend Juliet and I headed to Stelvio to ride the pass – there are 2 sides to the pass, one rising from Bormio and the other from Trafoi. The latter is more famous and incredibly picturesque, filled with tight switchbacks and is an amazing sight. We rode up from the other side, the one that begins in Bormio. It also consists of a bucket load of switchbacks; 46 in total I think!

Both sides are similar to ride, though the side from Bormio has a steeper gradient and a 5km almost flat section half way. It was an amazing day, here are a few pictures by Juliet and myself.

stelvio-1 stelvio-7 stelvio-6 stelvio-5 stelvio-4 stelvio-3 stelvio-2stelvio-1-2



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