Oakley Special Editions

When it comes to cycle eyewear the market has been dominated by a single brand for years. Oakley have always produced high quality and stylish pieces that part of every cyclists must have list. They recently re-released the iconic Eyeshade and Razor Blades, these are available as part of their Heritage Collection.

The Eyeshade might not be to everyone’s taste but you can’t help but love them. When I put the Eyeshades on I felt super cool; unfortunately the truth is I can’t pull the look off as well as cycling greats such as Greg Lemond. That said; I have a number of friends that do look quite cool in them. The Razor Blades are not quite as blasé and seem to suit me a little better; so they are what I am sticking with.

If these Heritage Editions are not your bag then I am certain you will be able to find something you like; I also really like the Flak Jackets. The ones below are the XLJ 30 Years Sport Special Edition, no matter what the weather you always need a good pair of sunnies. They are all extremely comfortable I have worn them all day without any complaints, the lenses are changeable and they do exactly what they are suppose to.

This is probably the easiest review that I have ever written; I give every pair of them top marks! Comfort, function, longevity and style; they tick all the boxes. The only difficulty is choosing the ones you want…or why not just get them all and mix it up daily? Go check out the latest Oakley collection!

stelvio-2 stelvio-4 stelvio-3



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