Brooks Cambium Review

Everyone has heard of Brooks England, they are the longest continually running saddle manufacture in the world! This is one hell of a claim to fame, but what does it mean? Well firstly it means that they have had years to perfect their saddles so you can expect nothing but the highest quality, well constructed and comfortable saddles in the whole world. Brooks have always made leather saddles, beautifully hand crafted with loving precision, and whilst this may sound cheesy believe me if you ever visit the Brooks factory you will see just how true this statement is.

The thing about Brooks saddles that might put some off is their weight, leather is robust and will last you a lifetime though it comes at a cost. I’m going to be completely honest and say that my carbon road bike will never be fitted with a Brooks leather saddle as it just weighs too much. The boffins at Brooks put their heads together and have come up with something lighter but still represents that quality; the Cambium! It is their first non leather saddle and is also vegan friendly; constructed from vulcanised rubber with a woven organic textile, topped with Brooks Numac to keep the elements at bay.

The Cambium is still a weighty little number though it is nothing compared to it’s leather counterparts. You still get that classic Brooks comfort but this little beauty has no wear in time; being ready to go straight out of the box. I used the Cambium on both my road and cyclocross bikes and it really is very comfortable, especially on long road rides. I though it might be a bit on the bouncy side though it seems to be the perfect balance of stiffness and comfort.

On the whole the Cambium is an amazing saddle, it is definitely one of the most comfortable things I have had the pleasure of perching on. It is still a bit too heavy to keep on my road bike though it is now neatly nestled upon my cyclocross bike and that is where it shall remain. It is a hard wearing, very comfortable and reasonably priced piece of kit, definitely worth checking out.

Brooks-1-19 pict_4 IMG_1277


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