Juliet Elliott’s Trek Domane WSD

Quite some time ago Road CC and Trek got together and launched a competition for one lucky person to win a bike of their own designing up to the value of £3200! I think it was a brilliant competition as did the thousands of people that entered, I even gave it a bash myself though was unsuccessful at making it through to the shortlist. When the shortlist was released there was obviously a lot of grumbling and I think I must have read over a hundred comments that consisted of ‘mine was better…blah blah…grumble grumble’. On the whole I liked most of the entries on the shortlist, there were some funky outrageous designs and some that were more subtle. The voting was down to the public, all you had to do was click on a button to vote for your favourite.

This all sounds simple; right? Wrong; it all went a bit nuts really, people were only meant to be able to vote once or maybe once a day…I am not really sure to be honest. Though the more cheeky tech savvy competitors found a way around this using proxy blockers which enabled them to vote multiple times. In the end Trek/Road CC had to make a call and evened the playing field. I think this was a great move on their part and they dealt with the situation swiftly and fairly. Anyway I am not going to go into this any more, the point of this post was to show everyone the winning bike in the flesh.

Road CC and Trek never really did a follow up on this, maybe due to the kerfuffle surrounding the voting or maybe they just didn’t intend to. I thought it would be nice for all those that voted for the winning bike to see it in the flesh. The final winner was Juliet Elliott with her super eye-catching Domane WSD, it might not be to everyone’s liking though obviously enough people liked it because she won. It is an awesome looking machine and is so much better in the flesh.

Juliet had this to say about her steed;  This bike is the absolute nuts and I still can’t really believe it’s mine even though I’ve had it most of the summer now. I’ve ridden a whole heap of nice bikes in the past but usually I have to give them back! And yes, I know I designed in myself so I’m giving myself a pat on the back here, but the colourway is freakin’ amazing! Oh, and it rides like a dream and is light as a feather. Joy! Massive thanks to Trek Bikes, Road CC and everyone who voted for my design.”

You really should check out the Trek Project One website, it’s great fun and you can spend hours tinkering away designing your perfect machine. I can’t tell you what it is like to ride, maybe I will be able to get my hands on one to test at some point…stay tuned!


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