The Red Hook Crit

So that’s it, the final of the Red Hook Criterium has been and gone and what a day of racing it was! I was seriously impressed by the hard work of all the organisers and staff, it was amazing to see how much the event has grown over the past few years. A huge number of hopefuls donned their lycra and boarded their steads, fuelled by their passion and desire of making it through to the coveted final event. The day was filled with faced paced racing, the course was an extremely fast one and a number of riders reported that it was nice that the could just put the hammer down and really go for it, others would have preferred a more technical course though on the whole there were smiles all round. The day wasn’t short of action, there were a number of large crashes and the ambulance staff certainly earned there keep, my thoughts go out to all the injured riders! In the end the Last Chance race had to be cancelled due to all the delays caused by crashes, so the fastest 95 riders preceded  to race in the finals. I think this was a good call by the organisers as if they didn’t do this the event would have massively over run.

The final winners of the race were Eduard Grosu in the mens and Ash Duban in the womens, overall Thibaud Lhenry won the 2014 Men’s Championship Series and Ainara Elbusto Arteaga won the 2014 Women’s Championship Series. Massive congratulations to everyone that took part and especially the organisers who kept the day running smoothly even though they had a lot of  crashes to contend with. Below is a selection of images form the day, I was there on behalf on Urban Cyclist magazine so unfortunately I am somewhat limited in the pictures I can put out, but I hope they will satisfy you hunger for now. It was great to see some old faces as well as some new, I like meeting people that I follow or follow me on social media. Thanks again to the organisers and congratulations to the winners, see you all next year when I will be racing too! Keep you eyes peeled for the next issue of Urban Cyclist where there will be a feature on the Dodici Team an their build up and experience of the race.

IMG_2756IMG_3440 IMG_3463 IMG_3489  IMG_3530 IMG_3539 IMG_3545 IMG_3596 IMG_3591IMG_3281  IMG_3359 IMG_3367  IMG_3408 IMG_3614


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