Knog Lights Review

Autumn is here and winter is well on its way. Long gone are the bright days of summer, though fear not you can still ride your bike safely. Over the next few weeks I will be posting essential tips and products to get you through the cruel dark months ahead. The first thing on my list is lights, as some of you might know I have recently relocated to Italy and whilst it is amazing to live in such a cycling mecca there are also things one should be aware of. I live near Lake Como an area steeped with cycle history and legendary mountain passes, though where there are passes there are also tunnels. I permanently have a set of lights on my bike and they are always on when I am riding…this includes during the day. One thing I look for in a light is visibility and how easy/cheap they are to run. Todays Cyclist sent over some Knog Lights for me to test out.

20141008-IMG_2751Knog have been around for years now, always producing quality and funky looking lights, as well as other stuff but today my focus is a selection of their bike lights. I will begin with the Blinder 1, it is a cool little light that I use daily just to make sure I am seen. If you live in the city or like me ride through a lot of tunnels it’s a great little number, it features a single LED build that is visible from 500m, is USB rechargeable, tool less fitting and also comes in a number of colours and faceplate designs.  I really like the simplicity of the design and the real standout features are; it’s visible and you never need to buy batteries. If you’re commuting to work this is the light for you, I love that you never need to worry about changing batteries simply plug it in to a USB for a few hours and its ready to go. This is the one of the best lights for city use, it’s small, easy to attach and is very reasonably priced.


If you fancy something a bit more hardcore then look no further than the Blinder Road 2, this beast puts out a whopping great 200 Lumen beam and is more than enough to light the path ahead. I have also used this light on cross country rides and it gave adequate visibility, though I would recommend something a bit more powerful if you are riding more technical trails at night. Like the Blinder 1 the Blinder Road is USB rechargeable which eliminates the need for batteries. The running time lasts from one hour right up to six hours depending on the setting, whilst a one hour running time might seem quite short I must remind you that this light has no separate battery pack and most consumers will not be running this light on full beam. There are a multitude of settings, far too many to list here but trust me if you’re after a powerful light to show you the way ahead then look no further than the Blinder Road 2.


Finally the rear light, for me there is only one you will ever need and that is the Blinder 4V Standard and you guessed it; it is also USB chargeable. It has 4 super bright LED bulbs, puts out 44 lumens and is visible from 800m. For me a decent rear lights essential, I want everyone to know that I am ahead and have sufficient time to give me a wide berth when passing. The Blinder 4V Standard leaves no excuse not to be seen. Knog have a wide selection of lights, they have also just released a new range of video lights that I will hopefully get to try out soon, check out their website for full details.


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