Supacaz Bar Tape breathing colour into the world!

Bar tape…how interesting can it be right? Well to be honest I think it should be a lot more interesting than it is at the moment, there are so many brands and whilst they are all different they are all essentially the same. Year after year we see the same plain boring colours and styles, I often wonder why when it comes to tape brands are so uncreative. Admittedly  Cinelli spiced up the bar tape game with collaborations with artists such a Mike Giant, though I have to ask the question why do brands stick to the same plain design and colours? Are consumers not interested in something unique? Bike brads spend thousands on designing unique looking frames, components are improved on and colour ways are updated, new colourful kits are produced but the same old plain tape remains.

Enter Supacaz, mixing up the bar tape game by doing something simple yet original, bar tape that comes in two or even three different colours! Not only does the tape look good more importantly it feels great, some of the industries top cyclists are using the tape so it must be pretty good right? Well I can honestly say it is! I have been using the Super Sticky Kush tape for about a month now and it really does feel great, it feels quite thick on the bars and is really comfortable. It also looks different and you can colour code to your bike. I’m not saying it’s to everyones taste but in a world where your socks match you bike, kit and helmet why not have some tape to match as well? I don’t like riding with gloves but suffer from quite sweaty hands which can cause problems keeping hold of the bars, well I can truly say that this is not a problem with the Supacaz tape. Supacaz tape has made the dull bar tape world more colourful and in turn has made me a happier cyclist. Though I still think all bar tape manufacturers are missing out on a simple trick that would improve sales exponentially…but I am not going to tell you what it is. Check out the Supacaz site and make your world a more colourful place.

Here is a snap of Juliet Elliott looking very happy with her colourful Supacaz tape!



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