PEdAL ED Okabe Jersey and Raku Bib short


PEdAL ED began making high quality garments in 2007 and is the brain child of Hideto Suzuki, the idea behind it was to create beautiful and functional clothing for his commute. PEdAL ED have come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2007 and now have a wide range of cycle gear, I’ve been trying out the Okabe jersey and Raku bib shorts. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the material and craftsmanship, though the real proof would be in the feel on the bike especially after a long ride. The shorts and jersey are designed with just that in mind, the statement ‘dedicated to those, like the Transcontinental racers, who ride for many hours to discover the world’ nicely sums up exactely what the kit has been designed for.

So how does it perform? My first impressions of the bib shorts were very good, and the feel and comfort definitely matches the high quality craftsmanship. The bib shorts are one of, if not the most comfortable shorts I have tried! The pad is extremely comfortable and they remain comfortable for the duration of even the longest rides. I really like the feel and fit of the short the leg grippers are also very comfortable and keep the short firmly in place. One feature of the bib short I must point out is how high the bib comes up, I thought it would be quite hot to begin with, though coupled with the mesh panel on the rear this is not a problem. The shorts feel very snug indeed, and if you’re a rider of the larger size…or a bit fat then it might help suck in that stomach a bit…though it’s worth remembering that they are only lycra so won’t work miracles.

The perfect partner for the Raku short is the Okabe jersey which is another high quality and well crafted piece of kit. There are a number of standout features that really make this jersey; I must admit that I am a fan of the front zip pocket as it’s extremely useful, this is not a race kit so why not have something functional on it. It also has a nice touch inside the rear pocket, there is a place to thread your headphones through so you no longer have to live with that annoying out the pocket under the jersey threading…I’m sure a number of people disagree with listening to music whilst riding, though I feel that there is a safe time and place for it; but this is another post all together. I would prefer the rear pocket to be either two or three separate pockets as I find the one large pocket can be a bit cumbersome and your belongings tend to juggle about somewhat. The fit of the jersey is nice; I find the top half around my shoulders fits very well, though the bottom is a bit loose for my liking.  The jersey features the same mesh section at the rear as the short so you will remain cool on those long rides it works very well indeed and I did not find it too chilly in colder weather either.

On the whole I feel that the Raku bib short and Okabe jersey are good value for money, I really rate the bib shorts and cannot express how comfortable they are! The Okabe jersey is €110 and the bib shorts are €120 and in my opinion they are very good value for money!



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