Lake CX237 Review

Lake CX237

I have been using the Lake CX237‘s for the past few months, these are Lake’s high end road shoe retailing at £209.99. My first impression was simply; wow! The white leather and carbon sole look awesome, they do also come in black but lets be honest white just looks so much better even if they are nearly impossible to keep clean. The CX237 features a dual BOA closure system which is extremely quick and easy to use and holds your foot snugly in place without being too tight or loose, they are also available in womens sizes as well as wide fitting mens.

The carbon sole is extremely stiff and feels great, it really allows you to put all your energy into pedalling without that horrible flex you sometimes get from a shoe. I have ridden about one thousand miles in these so far and they feel as fresh as the day I slipped them on. I have used these shoes on very long rides and never felt uncomfortable or had that achy foot feeling, I used them on the velodrome a number of times and the BOA system kept my feet firmly in place even when sprinting which is something I was unsure about to begin with.

The CX237’s have a number of vents that allow air to circulate nicely, though I also used them in the rain without overshoes…much to my despair…and they were not too cold; though I would not advise it as it will ruin the pretty white leather! The CX237 are Lake’s mid level high end shoe, if that makes sense?! I would definitely recommend them if your budget is around the £200 mark. As with all road shoes there is not much protection for that posh carbon sole so I would keep walking to a minimum, the important thing is; not only do they feel great they also look dead cool! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me! Make sure you check out the other shoes in the Lake range, they have a plethora of styles and something for everyone.

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