From hills to mountains!


It’s all been a bit mental recently hence the lack of consistent posts for quite some time, things finally seem to be settling down a bit now so hopefully I can update this site a bit more often. Two and a half years ago Juliet and myself moved out of London to the green pastures of Devon, when we went for our first ride it was quite a shock to the system as Devon was much hillier than what we were used to. We are both ex messengers so had quite a good base level of fitness though this was not enough to prepare us for the steep gradients of the South West. After awhile we some became used to it and took the hills in our stride, I went from loathing climbing to actually really enjoying it. I was always a sprinter rather than a hill climber though after two years of riding up this seems to have changed.

Though just as I was getting used to the South West and it’s luscious scenery new venturers arose and we were given the opportunity to move to one of the worlds cycling mecca’s; Lake Como, Italy! Obviously we jumped at the chance, so after the long process of packing bikes and all our belongings we jumped in the car with our four cats and began the drive to our new home. We had both visited Lake Como before and knew exactly what was in store for us, a plethora of mountain passes and world famous climbs…what more could you want? I currently only have my road bike with me as the rest are being transported separately, I am looking forward to mountain biking down some trails and riding fixed gear around the lake as well as up some mountains. So far I have enjoyed the rides immensely and whilst they are much longer than the climbs I am used to they are extremely enjoyable, the constant breath taking views keep me pedalling and pushing myself up to the top so I get to enjoy that killer view.  The winter here can be quite harsh, but you won’t hear me complaining as that means it’s time to strap on a snowboard and have even more fun. Life is strange and throws up some random things, I say go with it and embrace it!


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