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I’m slowly updating this site, I just finished rambling in the about me section and thought I’d post it here too:


Photo by Juliet Elliott

So I guess this is the section of the website where I write about myself…I am very good at promoting others though struggle when it comes to myself as it always feels somewhat narcissistic. So forgive me if this doesn’t read as well as the rest of the site. I first became interested in cycling about 14 years ago when I was working as a messenger in London, back then my bike was just a means to a pay check but this quickly evolved into a love of cycling and bicycles that would occupy nearly all of my time for the foreseeable future. I suppose you could say messengering was the catalyst that provoked this passion and it has grown relentlessly, my house is now full of various bikes and I struggle to find the time to ride them all. My first real love was fixed gear, these are the messengers weapon of choice for numerous reasons; though mainly simplicity and low maintenance. I enjoyed riding them for all the cliche reasons you will hear/read about everywhere, that feeling of full control, having to think and pick a line through traffic carefully, and that forever cheesy statement of being one with the bike, I grimace as I type, but it is true and no matter how hard I try to word it in a different way it remains fact.

I never would have imagined myself to be a full on lycra clad cyclist when I began cycling, though as time has passed my views have changed and I have embraced every aspect of cycling culture. I went to university and studied English and Education, messengering was only meant to be a temporary job whilst studying though somehow I ended up doing it for years. Suddenly I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and had one of the self reflective moments, I couldn’t work as a messenger for a while so took it as a sign that I should change my career. I got a job as a youth worker in one of the toughest areas of South London and went on to do my MA in Adolescent Psychoanalysis. I loved the job and it’s something I am very passionate about, it also gave great satisfaction to help those less fortunate than myself, I did however spend every spare minute thinking about bikes and cycling. I managed to sneak my passion into my job in the form of health and fitness as a meditative, therapeutic and positive influence for the young people I worked with, but was still restricted in what I could do.

Whilst working I continued racing and organising alleycats, and kept my feet placed firmly within the messenger scene. Though over time these ties somewhat faded away, being a messenger was a life style that I loved, the camaraderie, the passion of the riders and the close knit community were all aspects I adored. I became more interested in photography and started shooting for various bicycle magazines and working with some rather large companies though still maintained my job as a youth worker. Fast forward 10+ years and I have had an interesting and amazing time working with numerous brands, product tested and written articles for magazines, worked with film companies as a consultant and stunt rider, been in advertisements and music videos. I have an awesome frame sponsor and am supported by numerous other brands, thank you Velodeath, Dodici, Vans, WTB and Met Helmets.

What once started as a means of transport and my pay check has turned into an all consuming passion. I initially set up this site as a diary for myself to look back on all the things I have done, but it slowly gathered pace and became a platform for me to voice my opinions. I always thought messengers would be the best people to test products as they spend the majority of their lives on a bike, so with this in mind I started reviewing products. I spent seven years working as a messenger, riding 5 days a week about 50 weeks of the year, covering thousands of miles. I know what will last and what works well…so why not let people know what I think?!

I think it’s fair to say cycling is my life, I have ridden my bike all over the world and there seems to be no signs of this changing, I don’t want it to and I will work my arse off to make sure I can keep doing it. I am now a self employed photographer, consultant, stunt rider, writer, self confessed social media ninja and most importantly a cyclist.

Thanks for reading,


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