Please help Juliet win a bike!

Juliet was lucky enough to be selected as a finalist for the Trek Bikes Project One competition with In a nutshell competitors had to design a bike with a budget of £3200, the top 25 were selected and it is up to the public to vote for their favourites. The lucky winner gets their bike built and sent to them! It doesn’t get much better than that.

trek j

Unfortunately there has been a bit of controversy regarding the competition, it has recently come to light that people have been ‘vote doping’. They have managed to find various ways to cheat the system and vote multiple times for their own design, whilst there are no rules against this it is very obviously dishonest and cheating.Trek picked up on this pretty quickly and announced that thy would DQ those that were guilty of rigging the votes, although it seems that a large number of people took advantage of this so it looks like they have made the decision to reduce the votes of those that cheated. I think this was a decent decision as all people were really guilty of was really wanting a bike and whilst there was some blatant cheating Trek dealt with it quickly and efficiently.

It has been kicking off on twitter today and as always there are a lot of negative comments, people got caught out and are making random excuses, some are openly admitting cheating. Either way it’s a shame such a good competition has received such negativity when it should be receiving praise and positive promotion for doing something great.

I wish I was a finalist, though looking at the bike I designed I am a bit happy I’m not as it is pretty hideous!  Obviously I believe Juliet should win so take a second to click HERE and vote for Juliet’s bike (it’s the one in the picture here). For me she is the clear winner I know she would ride the bike everyday and is definitely the finalist that deserves it! She does not own a road bike and can not afford one because we are saving for a wedding (think of your vote as a wedding gift). There is not long to go so please vote for her and share this!

Thank you!

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