State Undefeated Review


State Bicycle Co have been around for some time now, their first fixed gear bikes were aimed at the commuter and to be honest I wasn’t a fan. They were one of the first affordable (cheap) fixed gear completes. A couple of years ago they released the Contender a complete that featured their new carbon fork and upgraded components. This was received very well, and whilst I didn’t get to ride one I did get to test out the carbon fork.

A year ago state went one better than the Contender and released the Undefeated a rice ready track bike. The Undefeated featured a 7005 aluminium frame, full carbon fork, Sram Omnium 175cm crankset, Ritchey stem and seatpost and a state in house wheelset. At first glance it’s an impressive build, and coming in at under £1000 it’s hard to work out how it’s possible.

Ride quality is great, the geo is comfortable and the head tube angle 74.5 (on 59cm) make the ride extremely responsive without being too twitchy. The 7005 aluminium makes for a stuff ride and whilst I am a huge fan of steel frames there is something nice about the stiffness of aluminium, granted they are not as comfortable on long rides but the performance is spot on.

The Undefeated really is a race ready machine, but whether you’re commuting to work or racing in a crit the one thing that’s guaranteed is that you’ll have a smile on your face the whole time…well ok you probably won’t be smiling whilst racing a crit but you will enjoy riding the Undefeated.

Sizing, I usually ride a 56/57cm frame though I had to choose between the 55cm or 59 as the 57cm isn’t available in the UK. I went for the 59 as the 55 looked quite small, I am glad to report it fits perfectly.

I love the paint job, you can’t really go wrong with matt black and fluro yellow. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the creation of the Undefeated.

It’s hard to explain but I’ll give it a go, usually when I am test riding a bike it takes a few rides to get fully dialled in and for me a sign of a good bike is how quickly that break in period lasts. Though with the Undefeated there was no break in, it was straight out the box and the first ride I had felt like id been riding it for years. This is quite rare, I test a number of bikes and trust me it really doesn’t happen often. The only thing I would change is the length of the crank, I prefer a 165 but apart from that I think this is an amazing bike!

I think for the price you cannot go wrong, the Undefeated is a real bargain!


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