Chrome 415 Work boot

I have been breaking in a pair of the Chrome 415 Work Boots for yonks, I wanted to write something about them ages ago but I’ve been doing too many fun things and haven’t had time to write anything. On the plus side this gave me ample time to fully test them out in all types of conditions. I must admit that when I first opened the box I was slightly miffed by the aesthetics of the Work Boot, I honestly wasn’t sure if I liked them. I can’t really say why, but these feelings quickly subsided when I started wearing them.

chrome shoe

The Work Boots really are as tough as they look, two standout features are the waterproof leather construction and • the skid resistant contact rubber on the sole. I really like the rubber toe cap because it keeps your foot nice and snug when using cages, it also protects the toe of the boot nicely which in turn greatly increases the durability ensuring these boots last years rather than months.

So far I’ve ridden fixed gear and mountain bikes, snowmobiles and hiked through snow storms in them and my feet have always remained warm, snug and comfortable. I won’t bore you with all the technical details and features, but if you are interested then check out the Chrome Industries site.

Yet again Chrome Industries have set the standard for urban cycling clothing. The Kursk’s were the first decent cycling/clipless shoe that didn’t resemble a space shoe (although I do love a good space shoe). The guys at Chrome have done it again with the Work Boot, they have created a tough, aesthetically pleasing boot that looks smart and is awesome in all conditions. I am sitting here trying to think of something profound to say about the Work Boot to finish this off and keep returning to the same simple conclusion; there is’t a great deal I can say about these boots they don’t have fancy click retention systems or carbon soles they are a simple no nonsense pair of boots that look great and won’t let you down. January is the month when everyone is skint, fear not as it is almost over so why not treat yourselves to a nice new pair of boots to keep you feet dry for the rest of the winter?

chrome snow

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