Newport Velodrome and the Dodici Special SL

I took my Dodici Special SL to Newport Velodrome for one of the private sessions, it was the first time I had ridden it on the boards. I changed my gearing to 48-14 which works out at about 90 inches though after a few laps I realised I could push something much bigger (I think I am going to go for something around 100 inches next time). The Dodici was awesome on the track, it felt very stiff and I could tell all my power was going to the rear wheel, I have the 57cm which had a 57cm seat tube and roughly 58cm top tube. It is so nice to have a bike that fits me perfectly, riding on the drops felt natural and very comfortable s all you had to worry about was putting the power down. We had a little competition to see who could set the fastest 500m time from a standing start; I managed to grab a 3rd though to be honest I am slightly disappointed as I feel I could have done much better. That said the guy that came 1st was a monster and even with the right gearing and being on form I would have struggled to beat him. I am currently writing a full review of the Dodici Special SL so stay tuned for that. 🙂IMG_6814-2

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  1. I like being a Monster…!!!

  2. You certainly are! haha! Hope your well mate!

  3. Yes all good matey, how’s Italy treating you?

  4. It’s pretty damn ace here, definitely can’t complain!

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