Mountain Bike Chalet Les Arcs was sick!

Juliet and I recently went to visit the Mountain Bike Chalet in Les Arcs for Coven Magazine. If you want to know what happened then head over to the Coven website to check it out. If you’re too lazy to click a link then here is my summary: Situated in the sleepy little village of Moulin, The Mountain Bike Chalet is rider run and the considerate and hard working staff will never leaving you wanting. After landing and waiting a gut wrenching amount of time for our bikes to turn up we were collected and whisked away to Moulin by the Mountain Bike Chalet’s driver (lovely guy). We arrived in the middle of the night but were still given a warm welcome including beer and cake, after demolishing both very quickly we decided to call it a night as we were too excited to see what the mountains had to offer. IMG_5549-1

     IMG_5728-38   The next day when I woke it really was something out of a dream, the rays of light were gleaming through the windows and when I looked out all I could see were mountains and our playground for the next week. After a quick breakfast we headed up the road to the first lift to beginning our journey to the top of the mountain. It was such a luxury not having to ride up hills, if you have never been to a bike park with lifts then I recommend you do as soon as possible. There were a huge number of routes to explore it was actually hard to ride them al, we spent the next week trying to squeeze them all in.     IMG_5608-13

A couple of years ago I wasn’t really into mountain biking, though maybe this was because I was living in London, I am now a full convert and I have to ride my mountain bike as much as possible, I am even looking forward to those wet and muddy winter rides! Les Arcs is the perfect playground for every rider, there is something there for everyone! Oh and did I mention it’s so quiet you hardly ever need to wait for a lift or see anyone else on the way down! I am not going to go into too much detail here as I think you should read the article on the Coven Magazine site,…so get over there and check it out!

Also a massive thanks to Met/Bluegrass for the helmet and pads and Dragon for the goggles! 🙂


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