Freedom by WTB Thickslick Tyres

Freedom by WTB have made some bold claims about the Thickslick tyre; “Twice the protection of a standard rubber casing tire. The ThickSlick is designed to withstand the harshest urban elements. Throw in versions with Urban Armor Casing and DuraStrip and the ThickSlick competes with the strongest urban tires in the market.” I thought I should put these claims to the test!


Straight off the bat the Thickslick is a great looking tyre, it’s smooth slick profile and large sidewall logo really stand out.  The slick profile might put some people off but trust me these tyres grip like glue and will keep you rubber side down in all conditions. I have been using a set of these for the past couple of months, in the last 28 days I have ridden 364 miles on them and climbed 22,939ft, and one thing I can be sure of is if I am climbing a lot then I will definitely be doing a lot of skidding on the way down. On one decent I was doing 40mph when I locked up and was informed by the rider behind me that my tyre actually smoked. My rear tyre has only just started to wear through to the Kevlar lining and my front is still looking as fresh as the day I put it on.

The Thickslick is available in a few different styles and sizes and I can honestly say it is my new favourite tyre! I have had mine on my fixed gear and have really skidded the shit out of them, they would have lasted much longer if I was a bit more careful though I wanted to test them thoroughly and I did this by hammering up and down massive hills chucking in a skid when ever possible. The Thickslicks really are awesome and for the price there isn’t a better tyre out. This is the ultimate tyre for your fixed gear bike.

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  1. michiel

    hey wich version of the thickslicks do you use?

  2. hiya, sorry for the late reply, i am currently using the elite and deluxe models 🙂

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