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I can remember the days when you could pick up track bargains on eBay and at cycle jumbles. Though it now seems that everyone wants these bargains and this increase in popularity has pushed up the price of components and frames significantly. The popularity of fixed gears has seen the rise of multiple new companies, some good and some bad. So how do you know whether to save up for that Mavic Ellipse wheelset, Dura Ace hubs, or to go for cheaper options such as state bicycle co? Are these brands any good? In no way am I saying a set of State Bicycle Co wheels are as good as mavic ellipse’s, what I am saying is that you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get good quality products and components.

There are some really shit companies making awful components/bikes out there, so how can you decipher between what is good and what isn’t? Well that’s what I’m hoping to do here! I’ve used components from every brand over the last 10 years, this enables me to distinguish between what’s good and what’s not.

With most parts the difference is material and weight. A cheaper crank might not be as light or as strong as the Campagnolo Pista or Shimano Dura Ace, but im honest the chances of it breaking are very low and it comes in a massive 1million pounds cheaper. I see a lot of people pimping their bikes with the most expensive parts, and whilst I also love to have top of the range components I also realise what is necessary and what actually works.

So what brands are shitty? Well I’m not going to say, I’d much rather point you in the direction of which brands you can trust. State Bicycle Co have been around for a while now. They make a very nice looking set of wheels, as well as other components, and some beautiful completes; but how do these hold up to vigorous use?


I have been using A pair of state bicycle co wheels, crank and carbon fork for the past couple of months and am seriously impressed. The wheelset is very well built, they are slightly heavy but the build quality is amazing considering the price. They are available in a whole range of colours and styles and I seriously recommend that you check them out if you’re in the market for some new wheels…or even if you’re not!

This 32 hole wheelset with 43mm deep rims and quando/state hubs with sealed bearings. I’ve ridden a few hundred training miles on mine and all I can say is I really want another set for my other bike. They come with a 16t fixed sprocket and a really beefy lockring as standard, I must say that I am a fan of the lockring. When I knew I had a pair of wheels in the post I dug out one of my spare Dura Ace lockrings as I don’t trust cheap ones, though as soon as I saw the quality of the state lockring the Dura Ace went back in its box.

The State crank set is also a must have part for your fixed gear build if you’re on a budget. The 3 piece forged 6061 Aluminum crank set features a 1/8″ – 46 tooth chainring. It is also available in in black, gold, silver and white. To be honest the crank set feels very similar to the Miche Primato and costs just a fraction of the price…an absolute bargain if you ask me!


I was also lucky enough to get a set of the State carbon forks to try out. This 3k carbon fork with 7075 alloy steerer and 45mm offset is dope! It really is a massive fuck you to anyone that said brands that make cheap stuff are rubbish! I would happily put this on every bike that I own.

So how do they feel on the bike? Well they feel stiff and extremely responsive, having the perfect amount of flex to absorb all the lumps and bumps keeping my ride comfy and my wrists rattle free! The only thing I can fault about it is: they don’t come in an undrilled version.

I seriously think everyone should check out the State Bicycle Co website and have a drool over there bikes and components. They now have a range of completes, check out the gorgeous Contender and the super hot looking Undefeated! I know what bike I want next! They also have an awesome looking kit. Congratulations to everyone at State, keep up the good work!

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  1. Richard Brannan

    Well I wonder what pile you got your bike from…. perhaps one that State Bicycle knew would be reviewed?? I can tell you that the one I received was not the picture you just posted. I feel you have totally posted a commercial for them, and I very much suspect you have been compensated in some form or another. The bike is priced fairly cheap…. that is about as far as I agree with your review. If you look at the components you will find they are the cheapest on the market. My wheelset came with a rear wheel that was 1/2 inch out of round…. not true from side to side, that was only 1/4 inch off…. but oval. So much so that it was unstable to go at speed with extreme speed wobbles. You don’t mention that State Bicycle insists you pay someone to put their bike together…. Never mind the fact that you may be a National class Racer with over 30 years of wrenching…. and can do better work then most monkeys employed by some of the shops…. I will sum it up, the quality is very poor, and oh State Bicycle would not stand behind their product unless I paid someone to verify that their $50 wheels are junk even though I supplied detailed videos… Buyer beware….. There is some serious junk to be peddled by this company that does not stand behind it…

  2. Hi, I would say thanks for the comment but it seems you are just using my blog to have a dig at State. Granted the wheelset is not the best but for the pricepoint I think it is great, I also really rate the carbon fork. I was not reviewing a bike in the article only the fork and wheelset so I am not sure you even read my review before you had a dig at state. Also it you bothered to read more posts you would have noticed that I have eventually ended up riding for State as an ambassador. I stand behind State’s products and have raced them for the past 2 years. I wasnt going to approve your comment as I feel it is just a random moan but instead I decided to reply and let everyone know you are full of shit!

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