Mountain Biking in Devon

One of the best things about living in the countryside is the awesome places to mountain bike. I’ve never really massively into my mountain biking though I  have found myself doing it every day, I seem to have acquired a new bike addiction. One of my favorite places to ride is Haldon Forrest Park. The more I ride the more my confidence and trust in in the bike increases and the faster I can go…more fun I can have. I usually take the Charge Cooker SS (thanks Kye), I have never been a fan of gears and always struggled to get them running smoothly and am too lazy to bother with maintenance so the single speed is perfect for me.

I recently had a great ride in Churston Woods with Juliet; it was so gorgeous. After working our way through some fun and technical rooty, rocky up and downhill sections we found ourselves on little pebbled beach. There were a couple of spills on the way and both Juliet and myself were providing each other with comedy slams in the mud. I really like riding all of my bikes though I struggle to ride them all, and now looks like I am going to have to add a mountain bike to the collection!

IMG_3599-1 IMG_3605-1-2

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