Lake CX200 Review

I love shoes and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am not one of those geeky trainer buffs although I do seem to have a ridiculous amount of trainers. Something I cannot resist is a great looking cycle shoe, I have always loved the sleek look of road shoes though as a city cyclist and bike courier I found myself using MTB shoes as you could still walk in them without looking like a penguin.

lake cx200

If you are interested in getting a new pair of cycling shoes or thinking about getting your first pair then the best bit of advice I can give is; it is worth spending your pennies on a high quality shoe. This doesn’t mean you can only get a good shoe for one million pounds, though you should be looking to spend from £80 upwards to £350 depending on budget.

Lake have been making high quality products for the past 25 years, so you can be sure when you buy a pair of their shoes that they will perform and look amazing. Lake have something for everyone, I recently got sent a pair of CX200‘s which are their mid range shoe. Retailing at £109.9; to be honest at that price you really can’t go wrong. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was how white they were! I love it! They seriously look great, fitting your feet snugly with two velcro straps and one ratchet strap. Once done up they feel great, the Action leather and mesh with a molded, vented heel counter keeps your foot firmly in place. They come with both 2 and 3 bolt cleat mounting so you can use all types of cleats with them. One of the most annoying thing about cheaper shoes is how secure they feel, you should feel like you have nothing on your feet.

I have ridden a few hundred miles in these shoes and I can only find one fault, the are so white it’s nearly impossible to keep them clean. These are a seriously good shoe for the price, you are getting a shoe that is very similar to other more expensive ones in the range, featuring some of the same technology for a fractions of the price. If you are looking at getting a pair of these I can’t recommend them highly enough, check them out! If you have a few more pennies to spend checkout the Lake CX401‘s.

lake cx200

lake CX200

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