Fyxation Eastside Bike Check

I recently got my hands on a Fyxation Eastside Frame and a few State Bicycle Co Parts, so I built a new bike.  I will be reviewing the frame and components at a later date as I need to abuse them properly before writing the reviews.


Frame: Fyxation Eastside

Fork: State Bicycle Co Carbon

Bars: Fyxation Rodeo Pursuit

Tape: Lizard Skins DSP 2.5

Stem: Fyxation Comet

Headset: Onza Mongo III

Seat post: Fyxation Pilot

Saddle: Fyxation Pilot

Wheelset: State Bicycle Co

Crank: State Bicycle Co

Chain: KMC Devil D101

Pedals: Look Keo Classics

Tyres: WTB Thickslicks

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  1. michiel

    Hey, how is the bike working?

  2. Hi Michiel,

    The bike has been working great. I think it is a very good frame for the price! It feels good to ride, the relaxed geo is comfortable over distance. I rode 220 miles in 2 days and it was a breeze!

  3. Michiel V

    Thats great to hear, im gonna live in belgium next year and im looking for a good bike, this one seems great, hope you dont mind but how much did you spent to build this bike? are the bars confortable?

  4. hiya, sorry for the late reply. it is a great bike, the frame and fork onl costs $199 (i think) the bars are really comfortable.

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