The Harder They Fall!

It’s never good when injuries happen but I always seem to injure myself at the worst possible times. Broken bones, bruises, cuts and crashes are all part of riding. I seemed to have convinced myself that crashing is a good thing, if I don’t crash it means I’m not trying hard enough.

bennet bail

I only started riding BMX about a year ago and falling off seems to hurt a lot more and for longer than it did when I was skating a 10 years ago. I’m not an old man yet, but I can tell you that things hurt a lot more when you’re 32 rather than 16. I hadn’t ridden BMX for quite a while, well to be honest I’d probably ridden 3 times since I broke my collarbone a few months ago. I went out for a little ride at decoy bowl as it was the first time it’s been dry in weeks, 5 minutes in and I managed to overshoot the spine and land on my knees with my bars jammed firmly into my ribs. I’m not sure if they were broken, I have broken them before and it felt very similar. One thing I know for sure is that it is the worst possible timing, The next day I had to travel to Bristol to test some 2013 FGFS bikes for a magazine, why did I destroy myself the day before? To make things even more annoying I was also heading to London the week after as I have been working as a consultant and stunt rider for a short film.

I’m constantly getting asked by people I work with ‘aren’t you too old for that’, and my answer to everyone is NO! Whilst I might have a few uncomfortable days and be a bit sore it is always worth it. I don’t go out getting drunk and wake up feeling hungover or on a comedown, I ride, sometimes crash and the bruised sore body is my riding hangover. It is annoying that riding BMX can have a negative impact on my riding of other bikes, but it is a price I’m willing to pay. There are people that are much older than me that are still riding and skating, these are the pros I looked up to as a kid and I think it’s cool that they are still at it, not only are they an inspiration to me, they are an inspiration to many younger kids.

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