Onza Mongo III


Headset are vital components of a bike, get it wrong and you’ll be left with a sloppy front end, your bike will pull in a certain direction and then eventually the bearings will fail and it will feel like you’re riding with a rhino on your handlebars. I’ve been using the Mongo III headset for the past few weeks, and whilst that is not long enough to report on how durable and long it will last I can say it has been put through more in the past weeks than most go through in years. The weather in the uk has been especially brutal this year. Nothing but rain and snow, whilst this might not make me the happiest cyclist it enabled me to see how the Onza headset hold up to these awful weather conditions.

The sealed bearings are still running as smooth as the day I put them in. I would always purchase headsets such made by brands such as Chris king and Campag record and whilst the Onza might not have the reputation of these more established brands it functions just as well. Coming in at £26.99 I definitely recommend it! Also available in a multitude of colours you can’t go wrong. I’m genuinely impressed with it.

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