Strava made me do it!

I have been using Strava for the past few months and I am well and truly addicted to it. For those that don’t know what Strava is, it is a website that allows you to track your ride,progress, speed, sets challenges. It’s free but you can also sign up to the premium version which gives you an even greater analysis of your ride. I personally have just stuck with the standard free version. It’s simple to use, all you do is download the application for your IPhone or Android phone, or use your Garmin or another GPS device go for a ride and upload your your data to the website to get a round up of your ride.

I really like the way it gives you segments/routes in your area and a detailed leader board. It’s great to be set a challenge, though even if you’re no winning multiple King or Queen Of The Mountains (KOM or QOM) you still get personal records set and can set your own segment and see if you are the fastest. I’m currently in a battle with all the winter roadies of Devon, I am trying to win as many KOM’s on my track bike as possible as I am competitive and if I’m honest I like winning things. It has really made me want a road bike, whilst I love riding track bikes I know that a road bike will enable me to go much faster and further more easily. Also riding up massive hills wth my 48-16 gearing is jut a pain, I’m really looking forward to having a go on a road bike and freewheeling down some massive hills and being able to shift to an easier gear when riding up them. I’d definitely recommend Strava it motivates and pushes you to better yourself and for me is a reason to get out on the bike when I really don’t feel that up for it.


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  1. guillermo

    Hey bro as much as I like road bikes too let me tell you that if you just ride fixie you get in better shape and a much stronger level than you will get with a roadie, I feel you, having a road bike will give more speed downhills but you can do like me…get a road bike and commit to do a long road trip a week..over 160km and the rest always in fixed 🙂 I currently roll 48×17 and I think that its a little tough for the uphillsbut once I check the average speed of the whole trip I still prefer my fixed ocer a road bike….its so easy to coast when you have the chance 😉

  2. Hi mate,

    Yeah I know I do ride fixed most the time and have done for the past 12 years. I only got a road bike this month and I have to admit its great fun. Fixed gear bikes are fun but I live in a seriously hilly part of the uk and sometimes it’s nice to have gears and brakes.

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